Bound – Benedict Jacka

Bound - Benedict Jacka
Bound – Benedict Jacka

Diviner mage Alex Verus is in deep trouble: on the run from a death sentence passed by the Light Council on both him and Anne, his only way out is to accept Dark mage Morden’s ‘offer’ to work as his aide, and Richard Drakh’s ‘suggestion’ that ex-apprentice Alex return to work for him.

Arachne’s guidance to search for a dreamstone leads Alex and Anne, Luna and Varim to a deep shadow world, and deeper into the murky politics of the UK’s magic-wielding mage society.

Keep them coming!

Author’s webpage: Bound – Benedict Jacka

Burned – Benedict Jacka

The third and last in my Benedict Jacka / Alex Verus binge and it ends on a cliff hanger!!

Warning: Spoilers

  • I wondered how the Dragon’s prophecy would come true…. but it looks like Alex’s life is going to get dark and interesting in the next set of books in the series! I wonder if Hazel has it…. *
  • The Anne-Alex pairing has taken a while to engineer, but I’m hopeful of good things.

Author’s webpage: Burned – Benedict Jacka

* Nope – due to be released in April 2017.