One Day – David Nicholls

Lovely, and far deeper than I’d been led to expect. This is not some trite tale an artificial annual rendezvous of two lovers manque, but instead it tells us what Emma and Dexter’s lives look like on the anniversary of the day / night they spent together in 1988, at the end of their university days. 15 July is an anniversary of sadness and happiness in our family too.

Thank you Charlotte for the loan. link: One Day – David Nicholls

Starter for 10 – David Nicholls

Purchased by Hazel in a Books etc 3 for 2 offer for “easy holiday reading” we both polished this off in a short day. It’s nothing spectacular, but fine for a beach read and satisfies the need (?) for reminders of home, basically being a tale that combines starting university with University Challenge, with a veneer of a love story.

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