Between males – Fiona Walker

Not great if I’m to be honest, and I suspect that I only stuck it out to the end for want of anything better to read (yes, Star of the Sea still lurks unfinished on my bedside table).

The characters aren’t as loveable as Fiona Walker’s more recent Oddlode cast, and the story seemed to stretch thin to cover the mutual love in/obsession between trendy London restaurants and trend-setting media celebs, and the less conventional tales of Sussex (?) country folk. Oh with unrequited love/obsession and love triangles too numerous to mention.

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Tongue in cheek – Fiona Walker

More frivolous fun from Fiona Walker. Tongue in Cheek is set in the same Cotswoldshire community as Lots of Love, with the Archers-esque range of rustic characters extended to include the essential catalytic new comers and black sheep returnees to produce passionate plotlines and happy endings. I’m looking forward to seeing Diana and Amos, Mo and Pod, Anke and Graham making guest appearances in Fiona Walker’s future tales of Sex In The Sticks, Oddlode Valley style.

Thanks for the loan, Susa!

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Girls’ Night Out/Boys’ Night In – Chris Manby, Fiona Walker, Jessica Adams (Editors)

Another lovely collection of chick lit for the 21st century. Short stories, with the twist that this time half are written by The Boys. Oh and the book flips upsidedown halfway through so you know when you’ve reached the other’s half.

Sometimes in life you do just need such easy reading fodder, and now’s one of them for me.

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Lots of Love – Fiona Walker

Another chick lit gem (uh oh – I think I’m becoming addicted to trashy fiction for the 20/30something market)

As the blurb says, “Easy reading and lots of romping”, with a strong female lead and a bad boy with the X-factor as her will they/won’t they perfect match.

Courtesy of a couple of late nights, and avid reading on the bus to and from work, I got through this blockbuster in 3 days, and I’m all set to dig out another Fiona Walker when I next visit the Barbican library.

But what do I read now ….. ?

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