Before The Frost – Henning Mankell

Wallander’s daughter, Linda, has graduated from the police academy and is waiting, impatiently, to start her career as a policewoman in her home town, and father’s patch, Ystad.

In parallel with parent-child relationships, Before the Frost explores the origins and operations of religious cults – starting with Jim Jones and the Jonestown mass suicide. webpage: Before The Frost – Henning Mankell

The Troubled Man – Henning Mankell

A final instalment for Kurt Wallander, as his daughter gives birth to his first grandchild, and finds some degree of happiness with financier Hans von Enke. But all is not it seems in The Troubled Man, when Hans’ father, Håkan, a retired submarine captain and bigwig in the Swedish Navy and then his wife, Louise, disappear. The Cold War resurfaces. Something is rotten in the seas between the states of Denmark and Sweden.

Publisher page: The Troubled Man – Henning Mankell