In The Distance – Hernán Díaz

In The Distance - Hernán Díaz
In The Distance – Hernán Díaz

Håkan Söderström becomes separated from his brother Linus in the hustle and bustle of Portsmouth on their journey to New York to start a new life in the New World.

After mistakenly boarding a ship for San Francisco by way of Cape Horn, he finds himself in the West that is starting, slowly, to become sparsely populated with shanty towns and wagon trains, emigrants, prospectors and miners – and those who prey on them.

We follow in Håkan’s footsteps, and occasional travels on horseback, as he traverses the deserts the plains and the prairies, determined to get to New York to find his brother.

We see how few key encounters and experiences impact his life, and take our leave of The Hawk as he takes his of an ice bound ship en route to Alaska.


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