Golden Age – Jane Smiley

By the time I reached the end of Jane Smiley’s One Hundred Years trilogy, any semblance of a Golden Age was disappearing into the past, fast.

The two (three?) years of near future gazing – the book was published in March 2016 but the Langdon family’s 100 years come to a close in 2019 – seem remarkably prescient.

More than ever, I fear for the society we’re creating and the world we’ll end our days living (surviving?) in.

Publisher’s page: Golden Age – Jane Smiley

Some Luck – Jane Smiley

Annual eavesdrop-ins with the extended Langdon family, starting in 1920 with baby Frank and his 3rd generation German parents, Rosanna and Walter,on their farm on the outskirts of small town Iowa.

Easy reading; 20th century lives. How things change.

Book 1 in Jane Smiley‘s Last Hundred Years Trilogy.

Publisher page: Some Luck – Jane Smiley

Some Luck review – the first volume of Jane Smiley’s new trilogy
– Alex Clark, The Guardian, 5 November 2014