The Leopard – Jo Nesbø

Another hefty dose of Harry Hole. Smashing. This time, lots of politics between various arms of the Norwegian Police Force as Harry is persuaded home from Hong Kong by the news that his dad is seriously ill. Although His Crime Squad colleagues have an ulterior motive – they are desperate for his help after a series of murders suggest they’re dealing with another serial killer.

I really do need to get hold of a copy of The Snowman though!

Author’s webpage: The Leopard – Jo Nesbø

Police – Jo Nesbø

Picking up where Phantom finishes: Harry* in a coma, at the mercy of recent foes. Chief of Police, Mikael Bellman and his mistress-and-match Isabelle Skøyen are up to their old political tricks, and Bellman’s hard man, Truls, is still meting out his very own version of justice. And a new cop killing threat hits town.

The end?

Author’s webpage: Police – Jo Nesbø

* or is it…?

Phantom – Jo Nesbø

Drug dealing Oslo style, and a jump in time from more recent Harry Hole reads to an 18 year old Oleg (always risky reading a series out of order) under arrest for murder – Harry is on the case, in an unofficial capacity as he’d left the police (and Norway) post-Snowman (clearly a key story to catch up on!) and has been working in Hong Kong as an “enforcer” – until Rakel asks for his help….

Author’s webpage: Phantom – Jo Nesbø