The Concubine’s Secret – Kate Furnivall

The Concubine's Secret - Kate Furnivall
The Concubine’s Secret – Kate Furnivall

Taking a breather from Mary Beard’s SPQR, I turned to one of my Frinton charity shop purchases for a less demanding read.

Lydia Ivanova and Alexei Serov, half siblings and White Russian refugees, leave Communist China on a quest to find their Danish father, who’s being held in one of Stalin’s notorious Siberian labour camps. “Fiery-headed” Lydia also leaves behind her lover Chang An Lo and her mother’s grave.

Lots of adventures later (rather too many twists and turns – and pages – later if I’m honest), and families and lovers are reunited…. but how long will their happiness last?

Author’s webpage: The Concubine’s Secret – Kate Furnivall