The Truth About Melody Browne – Lisa Jewell

Superior chicklit* from Lisa Jewell, tackling the difficult subject of infant mortality and a mother’s post-natal depression.

The impact these both have on the lives and futures of their families and friends is told from the perspective of bewildered-but-still-loving surviving older daughter, Melody. The narrative jumps between the present, which is where we first meet Melody as a 30-something mother herself, and her 1970’s childhood past, as she unearths long buried memories of the first nine years of her life.

The Truth About Melody Browne – Lisa Jewell

(* so not really chicklit at all….)

31 Dream Street – Lisa Jewell

I’d not even realised there was a “new” Lisa Jewell, and this has been out in paperback since April!

A rapid read, 31 Dream Street is aka Peacock House aka 31 Silversmith Road. Owned by lonely, scruffy would-be poet Toby, the rooms are occupied by waifs and strays who have responded to his philanthropic ‘To Let’ adverts over the years. Over the road lives Leah who’s boyfriend Amitabh has just decided that he can’t marry her; and so the scene is set for a satisfying dose of chicklit. There is a vast cast of characters, some likable, others less so – but as you’d expect life works well for the ones you care about in the end. link: 31 Dream Street – Lisa Jewell

Vince & Joy – Lisa Jewell

A confession – I am a sucker for this kind of London love story chick lit, and I read this at one sitting (or lying, seeing it was an evening-and-into-the-night bedtime read).

The lure with these novels is that they feature characters and situations that are similar to those encountered in my 30-something world, and it’s all the more so in Vince & Joy which follows the relationship between the two main characters from 1980s first love holiday romance through 20 something loves and lives in the 90s and up to the present day. Strong characters and situations provide depth and emotion, and whilst there is always going to be a happy ending, you know the path to it is not going to be straighforward. link: Vince & Joy – Lisa Jewell