Beyond the Oxus: The Central Asians – Monica Whitlock

Monica Whitlock is/was the BBC’s Central Asian correspondent throughout the 1990s, and in this book she explains the region’s historical, social and political background from the turn of the 19th/20th century through to the early years of the 21st century, a 100+ years that saw external forces that changed the area from post-Ottoman Khan/Caliph-ates, to Soviet Republics to Independent states…. even though the cultural, social and religious ties that determine political events in the regions are largely based in tribal groupings that have existed for centuries.

Monica Whitlock provides Western readers with an explanation not only of the ‘Stans of Central Asia with which we are familiar through news reports, but also background to the rise and fall of the Taleban in Afghanistan and an insight into the melting pot of peoples, tribes and cultures that fled to Afghanistan, before, during and after the Soviet era.

A fascinating and rewarding book for anyone who wants a better understanding of Central Asia – the people of the region, their histories, religions, politics and societies. It will serve you well for past, present and future of this important and misunderstood region,

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