Ship of Destiny – Robin Hobb

Ship of Destiny - Robin Hobb
Ship of Destiny – Robin Hobb

The last of the Liveship Traders trilogy. I found it slower going than most other Robin Hobb novels, and had to persevere through the politics.

The return of the Lords of the Land, Sea and Air and other transformations were more satisfying –  Malta’s from shallow, self-centred teen into smart negotiator and survivor, Selden’s from a shadowy presence into Tintaglia’s articulate courtier, Etta’s from whore to Queen, Wintrow from would-be priest of Sa into ship’s captain, Paragon from Mad Ship to whole ship (with a familiar face), and more – Alethia and Brashen, Ronica and Keffria, Kennit and Reyn, Traders and Rulers, they all change.

Ship of Destiny sets things up nicely for the Rain Wild Chronicles, which I’m now tempted to reread.

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Ship of Magic – Robin Hobb

Ship of Magic - Robin Hobb
Ship of Magic – Robin Hobb

…. in which we are introduced to the Liveships Paragon, Vivacia and Tarman, their captains, soul mates and crews, the Pirates that ply the Cruel Shores, and the city of Jamaillia – home to the high priests of Sa and Jamaillia’s ruler, the spendthrift Satrap, and spend more time with the Bingtown Traders, in particular the Vestrit family, and learn more of their history and connections with the Wild River and its folk.

I’ve already crossed paths with some of these characters in later life, in the Rain Wild Chronicles. In some ways it’s nice to know how their futures pan out, without knowing how or why; and means there’s lots more to learn about Kennit and Ella, the three generations of Vestrit women, Winthrop and Brashen, and Amber in the next two novels in the Livership Traders Trilogy: The Mad Ship and Ship of Destiny.

Hurrah! I’ll be hot footing it back to Shoe Lane library to borrow those….

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