Merivel: A Man of His Time – Rose Tremain

It’s 1683 and in our second encounter with Sir Robert we find him 15 years older (and probably a little wiser) than first time around as remembered in Restoration. He’s living in his Bignold estate with his daughter Margaret, active in Norfolk society and doing the rounds of rich and poor in his role as doctor.

When Margaret is invited to spend Christmas in Cornwall with a local family, Merivel averts his descent into self-pitying gloom, turning to King Charles II for an introduction to the court of Le Roi Soleil and the fabulous Palace of Versailles…. and here, after a period of surprising hardship, his amorous adventures on the continent begin….

It was lovely to spend some more time in his very human company. Farewell, Merivel.

Publisher page: Merivel: A Man of His Time – Rose Tremain
The Observer, review (14 July 2013): Merivel: A Man of His Time by Rose Tremain – review

Restoration – Rose Tremain

Not the most obvious book to take along on my Mt Toubkal Winter Climb, but this well told tale of one man’s redemption in Restoration England suited me well for the flights to and from Morocco, and for a few more nights once I was back home.

Would like to watch the film now, and to get my hands in a copy of Rose Tremain’s follow up, Merivel

Publisher page: Restoration – Rose Tremain
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Trespass – Rose Tremain

Trespass tells intertwined tales of trespass both to land and to people, amidst the mountains, woods and villages of France’s Cévennes region.

With the arrival of antiques dealer Anthony Verey, events unfold and there is precious little forgiveness in the home that his sister Veronica Verey and her partner, Kitty, have made for themselves, nor at the remote farmstead of Mas Lunel, which Anthony decides to buy.

An excellent read.

Publisher page: Trespass – Rose Tremain

Evangelista’s Fan – Rose Tremain

A lovely set of short stories from Rose Tremain. I particularly liked the opening and title tale of an Italian clockmaker who leaves Piedmont in disgust when the King declares the years 1789-1815 to never have existed, thereby wiping out the young man’s entire life. The final story, Over, stays with me to, as does the late in life crazy courage described in Bubble and Star. link: Evangelista’s Fan – Rose Tremain