V is for Vengeance – Sue Grafton

Within a couple of pages I *knew* I’d read this before – but it’s not on sparkly.

Oh no, The System has failed!!

Oh well.

A notch up from the usual easy reading crime capers featuring SoCal private eye, Kinsey Millhone. This time there’s a meeting with the mob, and more focus on the broader cast of characters than Kinsey’s friends and neighbours, and all the better for it. (But that said, I do like Rosie, William and Henry!)

Author’s page: V is for Vengeance – Sue Grafton

U is for Undertow – Sue Grafton

A young man remembers meeting two “pirates” in the woods behind his childhood home, and begins to wonder whether they really were looking for buried treasure…. Detective Cheney Phillips points him in Kinsey’s direction.

The scenario and setting seemed so familiar I thought I might have already read U is for Undertow. But no – it must have been a Bosch.

Along with the main murder mystery, we also learn more about Kinsey’s recently reappeared family and events surrounding her early years as an orphan.

Amazon.co.uk link: U is for Undertow – Sue Grafton