Bring The Jubilee – Ward Moore

A 20p gift from work colleague Michael who chanced upon it in Harrow library’s “withdrawn from stock and approved for sale” selection after a chat we’d had on sci-fi, and very enjoyable and thought provoking both were too.

Ward Moore was writing in the 1950s, which is the present day setting for part of this novel (albeit “ancient history” for the 21st century reader), and unlike most sci-fi I’ve read the author conjures up an alternate history from the American Civil War to the then-present day, rather than imagining fantastic worlds in galaxies far, far away.

That in itself made for interesting reading, although I did feel that I missed much of significance due to knowing virtually no American Civil War history in any world/universe, but Ward Moore also throws in a whole different course of scientific development in his world, including a time machine…..

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