H is for Homicide – Sue Grafton

Investigating the murder of a former colleague, Kinsey gets embroiled with an on-the-run modern day gangster’s moll, and ends up going undercover with the insurance scam gang, where more of her dark side is revealed when she joins in with the fake accident and whiplash episodes.

A fun read.

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G is for Gumshoe – Sue Grafton

Another good read from Sue Grafton, doing exactly what it says on the cover. There are a few more backward-looking references and a bit more action for Kinsey, on a variety of fronts: she travels to a Mojave desert community to locate a missing old lady, and winds up with a hitman on her tail, a body guard and a mystery that turns into multiple murder…..

Now all I need to do is find H is for …. in the Barbican library when I take this one back!

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F is for Fugitive – Sue Grafton

Another Kinsey Millhone whodunnit, hot on the heels of E is for Evidence (both picked up from the Barbican library), and the continuity holds up nicely. This time, Kinsey is out of town, staying in a seaside motel, working for its owners, a dysfunctional family whose son stands accused of a long ago murder, and who has been on the run ever since. Just the ticket for chilling out in chilly – nay wintry! – Avignon.

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E is for Evidence – Sue Grafton

Kinsey gets set up as the crim in this the fifth Kinsey Millhone mystery….. being set up with an unexpected deposit of $5000 into her usually threadbare account. And winds up having a couple of close shaves with homemade bombs and a psychotic killer.

Actually, this is more of a Thirties whodunnit than a Patricia Cornwell thriller-type mystery. I enjoy both, but Sue Grafton’s style is nice and easy, and quick, to read. Especially when waiting for the Eurostar to Avignon!

Next stop, F is for Fugitive….

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Cabal – Michael Dibdin

Another Aurelio Zen mystery that has appeared at the Gyford’s Walton library, and a more attractive read than the more autobiographical books I’d bought with me.

A good detective/crime read, as usual, but with more focus on Aurelio’s private life, giving more of an insight into the man to go with the mysteries he investigates. There were overtones of The Da Vinci Code, with a secret society within one of the ancient orders that emerged at the time of the Crusades….. but this novel is nothing like as complex. With the action taking place solely in Rome/the Vatican City, the focus is more on the workings of Italian/Vatican police and security forces, and those who control them, than the Cabal itself.

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