The Little Friend – Donna Tartt

Set in the Deep South of the U S of A, this reads like a modern day take on To Kill A Mockingbird, with a cast of likeable and unlikeable characters meeting out justice, southern style.

I was interested enough in the two main protagonists, 11 year old Harriet (good) and 20-something Danny (bad), and their related kith and kin, to read on to the end – but I certainly didn’t race there.

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Ratking – Michael Dibdin

20th century sleuthing, Italian style, and an enjoyable pot luck read from the Gyford family caravan to tide an ill-me through the Easter Bank holiday weekend.

It feels as though the novel is written with a solid grounding in Italy’s unusual crime-fighting scene, but I was very conscious that many of the asides left me high and dry, due to my limited knowledge of Italian history and politics, ancient and modern. Still, this is an easy way to improve that!!

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