Land of the Blind – Barbara Nadel

Still mourning the death of his sergeant, Ayşe Farsakoğlu, Inspector Çetin İkmen’s investigation the discovery of a woman’s body in the hippodrome of Constantinople leads him towards property developer Ahmet Oden, the rampant redevelopment of İstanbul’s older quarters and the Gezi park protests – with suitably Byzantine connections between them all.

Publisher page: Land of the Blind – Barbara Nadel

A Passion for Killing – Barbara Nadel

An early outing with İstanbuli policemen Çetin İkmen and Mehmet Süleyman.

İkmen finds his excuse to avoid pre trial paperwork ends up embroiling him in multiple affairs of the heart and passions verging on obsession, featuring Lawrence of Arabia’s batman and an Ottoman princess, carpets and present day lovers in İstanbul’s diplomatic community.

Elsewhere, a moralistic murderer called the Peeper is on a serial killing spree which requires Süleyman to collaborate with the mysterious state security services.

Publisher page: A Passion for Killing – Barbara Nadel

Body Count – Barbara Nadel

Çetin İkmen unwillingly enters his pre-retirement year only to face months of frustration chasing a serial killer claiming victims on a monthly basis. As it becomes clear that the crimes involve both the Roma community and Ottoman aristocracy, İkmen and Süleyman slowly work their way towards identifying the killer – drawing on their relations with and in these two very different worlds.

A cracking crime novel – one of Nadel’s best, particularly if you’ve been reading your way through the series….. and a very, very unexpected twist at the end.

Publisher page: Body Count – Barbara Nadel

Deadline – Barbara Nadel

Murder, mystery and mayhem become rather too real at a fundraising evening at the renovated Pera Palas hotel. Fortunately for Istanbul’s rich philanthropists, Inspectors İkmen and Süleyman are there as the guests of Çetin’s old friend Dr Arto Sarkassian. Outside the hotel, the forthcoming marriage between Sergeants Ayşe and İzzet comes under the spotlight too.

A speedy read, with great characters – but make sure you’ve read A Chemical Prison first (handily the most recent Barbara Nadel I’d been able to lay my hands on at the Barbican Library up until now).

Publisher page: Deadline – Barbara Nadel
Telegraph review by Terry Ramsey, 01 February 2013