Deadline – Barbara Nadel

Murder, mystery and mayhem become rather too real at a fundraising evening at the renovated Pera Palas hotel. Fortunately for Istanbul’s rich philanthropists, Inspectors İkmen and Süleyman are there as the guests of Çetin’s old friend Dr Arto Sarkassian. Outside the hotel, the forthcoming marriage between Sergeants Ayşe and İzzet comes under the spotlight too.

A speedy read, with great characters – but make sure you’ve read A Chemical Prison first (handily the most recent Barbara Nadel I’d been able to lay my hands on at the Barbican Library up until now).

Publisher page: Deadline – Barbara Nadel
Telegraph review by Terry Ramsey, 01 February 2013

A Chemical Prison – Barbara Nadel

Second in the Inspector İkmen series, and we find Mehmet Süleyman is still but a lowly sergeant, on a par with the lovely Ayşe Farsakoğlu with whom later books tell us he has an affair. In A Chemical Prison İkmen and Süleyman investigate the discovery of a young man’s body in an historic Ottoman town house with close connections – physical and historic – to the Topkapı Palace. The investigation also involves İkmen’s old friend Dr Arto Sarkissian, particularly once it becomes apparent that the young man’s murder featured both drugs and an Armenian Christian, possibly from Arto’s own profession….

Publisher’s page: A Chemical Prison – Barbara Nadel
Interview with Barbara Nadel by J. Sydney Jones on Scene of the Crime: “İstanbul Is Always There”: Barbara Nadel’s Inspector İkmen Series (May 19, 2010)

Dead of Night – Barbara Nadel

Çetin İkmen and Mehmet Süleyman travel to Detroit for a conference on inner city policing, where they meet racism, community leaders turning ganglands and junkie dens into vegetable gardens, and Zeke Goins, an elderly Melungeon mourning the son murdered 30 years before. İkmen, still grieving the death of his wayward son Bekir, become embroiled, whilst Süleyman can’t wait to return home.

Back in İstanbul, Ayşe and İzzet relationship turns, somewhat surprisingly, to romance. As a character, İzzet seems to have morphed tremendously since being introduced as Süleyman’s uncouth assisting officer, but it plays well given ready-to-settle-Ayşe and playboy-Süleyman’s previous relationship.

Publisher page: Dead of Night – Barbara Nadel
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