River of the Dead – Barbara Nadel

Following the trail of escaped drugs baron and murderer Yusuf Kaya, Inspector Mehmet Süleyman travels to south eastern Turkey and the border town of Mardin, where the uplands of Anatolian Turkey descend to the Mesopotamian plain. The borders with Iraq, Syria and the cobweb world make it a very different world from international İstanbul, as Süleyman finds as he grapples with clans, culture and language in the company of local Inspector Taner. Not just a woman in a man’s world, she’s also the daughter of the Master of Shameran and best friend of the local living saint…

But for all the excitements in Mardin, for me the main strand of the story stays with Çetin İkmen as he pursues the investigation back in İstanbul. But you’ll need to read the book yourself to find out why.

Publisher page: River of the Dead – Barbara Nadel

Dance With Death – Barbara Nadel

When Inspector Çetin İkmen’s cousin persuades him to lend his sleuthing skills to solve a decades old murder mystery in her small Cappadocian village of Muratpaşa, he finds intrigue, magic and danger amidst the famous fairy chimneys. Meanwhile, back in İstanbul, his protegee Mehmet Süleyman faces difficulties of his own with a homophobic murderer on the loose and the breakdown of his own marriage… and then bombs go off at two of the city’s synagogues.

One of my favourite novels in Barbara Nadel‘s İkmen series so far.

Publisher page: Dance With Death – Barbara Nadel