Granta 87: Jubilee – Granta Magazine

Granta 87: Jubilee - Various, Granta Magazine
Granta 87: Jubilee – Various, Granta Magazine

It may have been because I’ve been so immersed in moving, and with all the subsequent sorting out and settling in, that I found this volume of Granta essays and stories much slower going than Hidden Histories.

On the other hand, it might have been the weightier subject matter. I did skip a few of the accounts relating to 21st century atrocities.

That said, I did enjoy the pieces on Benjamin Pell and Bollywood.

An easy reading novel next, I think.

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The Hugo Winners 1968 – 1970 – edited by Isaac Asimov

Too busy at work to make it to the library for a fresh stock of reading, so I reverted to the bookshelves …. Phil’s in this case.

I enjoyed this Sci Fi collection, selected by Isaac Asimov and starting off with Weyr Search by Anne McCaffrey – I’ll have to go back and re-read some of her other Dragonrider novels. There were some of the short stories that I could not complete – Philip Jos Farmer’s work always seems to defeat me.

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