Diary – Sunday 21 July 2002

Another day of r’n’r with R&P. Hollyoaks with tea and toast gave way to a train ride into Waterloo and a walk along the South Bank to Tate Modern. They’ve changed the permanent exhibition, which is A Good Thing seeing as I’d felt I’d explored the previous collection as much as I could. I’m no art connoisseur, but I enjoy wandering around museums and galleries, and Tate Modern in particular is a great space for modern art.

We all enjoyed the Czech animations on Level 3 – agreeing that it reminded us of children’s TV fillers from our youth (aka the 70s) when we didn’t have much truck with the strange silent 5 minute movies. Looking at them today we were struck by the effort which must have gone into coming up with the ideas, and actually making the short films.

Crossed the Thames by the (not) Wobbly Bridge, and took the Thames Path West to Blackfriars Bridge and thence back to Waterloo and home for High Tea.

Pottered after Ruth and Pete departed for Hatch Warren, making a stab at my tax return (and deciding to try out the online submission, which justified deferring any calculations until I’ve got all the paperwork), doing some washing, ironing the half of my wardrobe which had got stranded in between washed and wearable. Flicked between Frontier House and Where are they now … The Waltons which was a rather strange experience of too many asynchronous parallels finishing up with psychology hour on Big Brother.

Spoke to Hazel before she headed out to Heathrow for (hopefully) her final trip to Sydney, and emailed Phil.

…. and felt guilty about having missed Barney’s Arty Party 🙁