Diary – Saturday 27 July 2002

Lazy morning Saturday, uninspired to stir too swiftly out into the overcast day. However, upon emerging to make our way to Spitalfields to mooch the markets, we discovered too late that it was actually a warm day, with the promise of warmer hours to come. Disappointment awaited in Spitalfields where the range of market stalls was even less than the weekday offering, and we’d not got enough time to squeeze in the Geffrye Museum before we were due to meet Catriona’s friend Helen.

The three of us adjourned to St Botolph’s churchyard with drinks and chippies from Tesco Metro before Helen headed onto a housewarming and C and I returned to the terrace for a cup of tea and Sainsbury’s scots version of millionaire’s shortbread. Yum. Phoned Jean to chat and to wish her Happy Birthday for tomorrow – thank heaven’s for Interflora!

Plans to venture north to Regent’s park for the weekend’s Indian Summer extravaganza courtesy of Channel 4, drawn in particular by the promise of Monsoon Wedding on the big screen, were abandoned in favour of a food foray to Asda and renting Monsoon Wedding from my local Hollywood Video store. Plans changed again en route as we opted for an Indian take away, and later on again when my eye-conomy prize winner’s DVD player refused to function. Luckily Saturday evening TV sufficed, and featured some coverage of the Big Brother grand finale.

2 thoughts on “Diary – Saturday 27 July 2002”

  1. hmmm….how I stuble through this net is beyond me.
    anyways interesting stories(the few I read). You must have more time than me to keep writing. Is Sparkly a drink?

  2. Hello!

    this is a bit freaky – which you might pick up if you read today’s entry. I really didn’t expect anyone to stumble on the site, let alone make a comment. well, other than bro of course.

    The skeptic in me is wondering who you are. As in, hmmm, it’s easy to set up a yahoo account, so you could be anyone…. but another m loosemore, that’s too much of a coincidence! Where are you on the family tree…?

    and Sparkly refers to a pair of my trainers… it’s a long story! which in due course will feature here no doubt!

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