Diary – Friday 02 August 2002

Almost the weekend. *Almost* time to head out to Walton on the Naze for a weekend with Phil. Can’t wait.

but in the meantime…..

…. work featured business management system (friction/unwillingness) and – yes, you guessed it – The Scanning Report!!

Peter did show me his text-to-speech program though. It’s a free download from ReadPlease. Featuring “Mary”, so he gets “me” to read my documents and emails tohim. Very drole. Very good though.

If you have ReadPlease2002, have you tried clicking on your reader’s face….?

Oh, and in searching for a good W-on-the-N site, i found this (including info for all you would-be broadband users out there) and the google directory entry.

Just tried to order from Dabs again, looks like it’s gone through this time…. fingers crossed.

Jax got in touch! She’s moving to Cape Town! Josephine is fine and dandy and fighting fit!

One thought on “Diary – Friday 02 August 2002”

  1. Dear M
    I own up to not having looked at your site for aeons – and it was bruv who said I should look to see what you get up to!!! – in which respect the entries are a bit light on the more intimate detail.
    However, it’s a fascinating site – but one which your dull father won’t attempt to emulate.
    I’m still having constant problems with my new pc – and I’m wishing I had never heard of Windows XP.

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