Diary – Tuesday 20 August 2002

BMCCC is going into overdrive with everyone realising it’s less than a week to go….

As a first timer, I do feel a bit of a spare part, which isn’t my usualy style, but i’m sticking to my approach of taking it all in and responding where necessary. I still feel frustrated about not being able to contribute more.

Found a couple of sites on Lake Tahoe:
Vacation Guide, with its “points of interest” – including Fanny Bridge (I’m sure Stef would appreciate that one); and
“All About Reno”

but nothing on hot springs 🙁

So I’ve emailed them:

“Hi there

A friend mentioned that Lake Taho would be a good place to spend a couple of days cooling off during my fly-drive fortnight in California/Nevada in September. They also mentioned hot springs – but I can’t find any information on hot springs in/near Lake Tahoe anywhere! Can you help? I’ve been looking online and in guidebooks, but local knowledge is always so much better!!

Kind regards


I did find the extended weather forecast for Reno though – I nearly had heat-induced heart failure until I realised the temperatures are in farenheit rather than celcius (sp?)!