Monday 04 November 2002

Before heading over to Forty Acres for the weekend, Phil and I went up to TJBR’s for dinner. After I’d judged the Tooth Brushing Competition (my prize – FTP 6’s set of Vamprie Teeth – were not deemed an acceptable alternative to the items identified in the Argos catalogue with a turned down corner), Barney wanted to know which of his cars was the fastest, and what was the fastest car in the world…… I displayed my complete lack of Guiness Book of Records (and popular scientific) credentials by claiming it was the Bluebird (in which Donald Campbell set the world water speed record in December 1964 – 276.3 mph on Lake Dumbleyung in Australia)

So my mission this lunchtime was to do some research on the web…

AND Just Look What I’ve Found!!

ThrustSSC set New World Record

Speed: 714 MPH
Where: Nevada’s Black Rock Desert – aka where I spent a dusty 6 days earlier this year at Burning Man
When: 25 September 1997
Who: Andy Green and the ThrustSSC team

My only concern, is that ThrustSSC doesn’t really look like a car…. but it does now reside in the Museum of British Road Transport, in Coventry.

Pity it’s just a bit too far to go this weekend…..