Gainsborough and the Turner Prize 2002

Monday ended up on a lighter note, as Janette and I went to a corporate sponsors’ private viewing of the Gainsborough exhibition which included access to the Turner Prize 2002 exhibition at Tate Britain.

The exhibitions were ok, but I wouldn’t bother paying to see them with the crowds. The gainsborough in particular doesn’t live up to it’s marketing hype. Well, unless you’re an art historian, I suppose.

One thought on “Gainsborough and the Turner Prize 2002”

  1. Oh, Miss Mary, the problem is that we’ve forgotten how to ‘read’ 18th-c portraits, just as we have trouble ‘reading’ stained-glass windows in the way the congregations of Gothic cathedrals would.

    (Anyway, nip up to the Wallace Collection if you haven’t visited it already. Or I’ll drag you to the Soane House next time I’m in town…)

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