I know I know I know that I should have made a will by now, but the fact is that I haven’t. But as and when I do, I’ll definitely use the resources available here at WillAid, as pointed out by Alastair. I’ve printed off the planning pages and will cogitate on my collected earthly possessions, and what to do with them (so as to achieve maximum tax efficiency and inheritance planning, of course) over the weekend.

Hmmm, except that the weekend is looking pretty full, with Christmas shopping scheduled for Saturday day (getting hold of things for people who’ll need to receive a little something to keep them going until we get back from Cambodia…Phil), with carpet threshold edging laying and disused curtain rail holders removal fitted in sometime before heading back into town for Bridget’s Birthday. That’s scheduled to start off in a relatively civilised style at Pasta Browns in Covent Garden, and in all likelihood descending into drunken mayhem in a bar thereafter!

And on Sunday I’m set to spend the afternoon with Tom and Jo, Barney and Rosa. Here’s hoping I won’t have a hangover – I’ve not suffered too greatly for a while – if you discount the grogginess which featured the Saturday after the Danny’s Here! drinks the other Friday. I only had 4 bottles of beer!!!