Intrepid Cambodia: Holidays!

Been googling for our hotel in Bangkok (and was caught “sucking up all our bandwidth!” by Nick…) to get maps and an idea of location. All I could remember from Pip’s info was that it was near the Siam Square stop on the new Skyrail link, which didn’t exist last time H and I were there.

It turns out that the Asia Hotel, Bangkok is quite a swanky hotel! Plus I’ve found info on getting to/from the airport, and a cribsheet for Thai numbers….. num song sam etc etc etc.

korp khun ka!

Oooh – and googling on Phnom Penh, I’ve also found some stuff on Phnom Penh, including our intrepid hotel. And a lovely map of Phnom Penh (even if it is a gif).

2 thoughts on “Intrepid Cambodia: Holidays!”

  1. I stayed in the Asia, Miss Mary. In 1992. It’s nice. (Or at least, it was nice ten years ago.) Lovely sparkly lobby, lovely pool. And fucking marvellous buffet breakfasts, which are worth early-rising for.

  2. Oh, and if you want a taste of the jet-set lifestyle, I recommend cocktails in the Bamboo Bar at the Bangkok Oriental, with jazz playing in the background. Strawberry daiquiri especially recommended.

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