Pepys’ Diary

Whilst I was away, Phil was busying himself realising his idea for doing Samuel Pepys’ Diary as a weblog, combining one man’s personal account of daily life during the 1660s with 21st century technology to produce a truely accessible, bite size social history resource.

He revealed it ( to Haddock just after Christmas, and it was picked up by high profile blogs far and wide… resulting in a request from BBC News Online that he write a piece for their Technology section on ‘Why I turned Pepys’ diary into a weblog’ (written last night as Hazel and I pored over Cambodia photos, with half an eye on the first episode in the new season of Sex and the City).

Coo – I’ve got a famous boyfriend (well, in the webworld anyway!). And I’m really really pleased and proud for him because it is a great site – a decade of a daily dose of Pepys, with links to biographies of people who feature in diary entries, and similar additional information on places mentioned, together with really handy links to maps from Streetmap.