Hackney Seige

Day 14….. and it’s still going.

Personal interest piqued on two counts:

1. It’s taking place in Graham Road, 5 mins from Phil’s flat, so I pass by quite often on re-routed buses (most recently 10 mins after the hostage* made his escape);
2. Lou lives and works inside the cordon and has been providing bird’s-eye accounts of major events.

I returned from holiday blithely ignorant of what looks like becoming the London’s longest running seige, which made the first few posts I read on re-subbing to Haddock somewhat mystifying. One week on, it’s become part of the background of London news, with only the dramatic making it onto/into The News. All of which makes Lou’s independent front line reportage all the more valuable, and this Obersever article amusing.

* Hostage….. who seems to have disappeared into the ether following his escape, making me wonder whether he was a more willing occupant of Graham Road than we’ve been told.