There’s No Business like Snow Business

We’ve had snow in London for the third time this year today!! It was only a flurry, and wouldn’t be worthy of a mention anywhere north of the M25, but it was a major event here!

Last Thursday when we had enough snow to bring tube and trains grinding to a halt – aided and abetted by the “tube accident at Chancery lane” which has put the Central line (in it’s entirety!!!) and the Waterloo & City line out of action since last Sunday. For some bizarre reason it seemed to make sense to me to go along with Tom’s suggestion that Phil and I should go up to visit them in Crouch End, with the promise of being ferried back to CJ so that I would be able to dress appropriately for the IT Xmas party on Friday night. I should have known better!

Having made it to Finsbury Park to find the queue for the W3 stretching far into the distance (Phil counted 95 would-be bus passengers) and rendezvousing with Tom and Tony, we wound up walking/skating along the icy pavements and roads of Crouch End for half an hour, after our lift home almost slid into the parked cards lining the residential back route we were taking to avoid the standing traffic (including the W3), and we figured that lightening the Ageh’s load by 3 would make their journey home a lot safer!

It really reminded me of winters in Solihull, when Tom and I would get very excited every time the Midlands was hit by a Big Freeze, crunching over refrozen slush and scrunching through centimetres of snow. Tom’s uploaded photos of B&R enjoying themselves in a very similar fashion on Friday.

And dining on curry in front of a real fire made it all worth while! Plus the early morning light on the snow covered scenes from Ally Pally was beautiful. Very peaceful indeed – everything bathed in this beautiful early morning sun glow, and with that silence that snow brings.