Mrs Kaaaaaren Griiiimshaaaaw!

Infuriating though it was for eXouk drinks to collapse under the weight of people suddenly recalling previous commitments, at least it left me free to meet up with Karen Grimshaw nee Frankland for the evening.

We headed out to the Diwana Bhel-Poori House, one of the Drummond Street Indian restaurants recommended in the Rough Guide to London Restaurants 2001 – and a very lovely evening we had too. Great grub (cheap!!) and lots of time to make up for the months of mutual silence, which we did with great gusto. Karen told me all about their trip to Australia for Neil and Vicky’s wedding, and their DIY tour to Tasmania, I told her all about Phil, and mine and Hazel’s trip to Cambodia. It was a lovely, lovely evening – even if I have still to find a link which works to prove to Karen that Erika is wed!!