19 Numara Bos Cirrik

Escaped from the red roses and helium balloon bearing brigade and headed out to Dalston with Phil to rendezvous with Lou, Liam, Dorian and Jude at a jazz bar just along from the Rio cinema.

After a beer and making first acquaintance with Dorian, we headed on for our evening of genuine Turkish Delights in Dalston/Stoke Newington, as proposed by Lou and booked by Dorian.

Ate ourselves silly at the 19 Numara Bos Cirrik (featured here but you’ll need to scroll down), 34 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 7XJ (I have the empty carrier-cum-doggy bag here next to me!!). With really great service and delicious food both in abundance, I’d definitely go there again. And it’s close enough to the Dalston Rio to combine a trip to a cinema with ambiance with a great meal.

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  1. this is the best resturant in london and i can say they race with other ciriks and other resturants in london cirrik 1 is best

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