Did you know you can use your London travelcard on ALL Bus routes?

I didn’t.

Thanks to Jude for spotting this page on the London Transport website:

“Any Travelcard or LT Card is valid for travel across the entire London bus network.

For example, with a 7 Day Travelcard for Zone 3 you may travel within Zone 3 by Tube, Tramlink, DLR and National Rail, but you may travel across the entire London bus network.”

… meaning that my zone 1-2 travelcard will work for all the London bus routes!

And I’ve been paying everytime I go outside Zone 2 for *years*. grrr.

5 thoughts on “Did you know you can use your London travelcard on ALL Bus routes?”

  1. Don’t worry, the ‘entire london bus network’ validity has only been since Jan 2003 – TfL haven’t advertised this very well – they should give examples (ie your zone 2-3 travelcard is valid on buses in zones 1-6).

    This is good news for those who work just inside zone 1 (eg Westminster) – get a tube to the zone 1-2 boundary (eg Vauxhall) and get a bus from there – takes the same amount of time & halves the price of your season ticket.

  2. can i use my monthly travel card zones 2-4 on the buses in London for example can i get a bus from Lewisham train station to Mooregate station using my travel card.

    i am travelling into London for the next 4 days peck times but i have a monthly travel card zone 2-4 i am trying to find the cheapist way of traveling can you help me please?

    thank you

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