Sunday slobbing

After brunch in The Fine Line with Hazel, Helen and Charlie, I ended up vegging at Hazel’s for the entire afternoon, and very relaxing it was too – Channel 4 was holding another Rapid Repeat ^H^H^H^H “Friends” Day (with the infernally irritating June Sarapong(?)), which we sat through, followed by Stargate, followed by Time Team (during which I was mostly snoozing), followed by a nip out to watch Barnard Road electricity meters spinning round (Katy was on a mission and I wanted to be sure she understood the reason that my readings are so low is because my usuage – as a single dweller who only uses her flat to sleep in, and even that’s on an irregular basis – is so low. As opposed to the meters being incorrectly identified, such that my usage if that shown on the common parts meter. I don’t think so), then Holiday Swap, Pauline Quirk pastoral idyll vehicle, before winding up with Cold Feet. Then home to bed.

Oh, and I got as far as day 5 of the Intrepid Tour in terms of sticking holiday photos into an album.