Heading to Paris for May Day Bank Holiday

Last minute booking with – wait for it – LastMinute.com saw Phil and I heading for the Eurostar bright and early, rolling into Paris at lunchtime. The hotel, near to Gare de Lyon, could have only just scraped its 3*s, and the double bed proved to be 2 singles rolled next to one another. but fatal flaws, aside from our both being knackered.

Headed out to explore, taking the metro up to Charles de Gaulle-Etoile, and strolling around the 16eme, down to Palais de Tokyo where we went into the exhibition space. All a bit to heavy on the gritty realism, but the videos of Kyupi Kyupi and the morphing packaging containers were highlights. As were the M/F identifiers on the loo doors….

caught in a downpour at Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel Tower and the Champ de Mars, we headed for the sun, back towards avenue kleber, and strolled wearily along the right bank of the seine to S&S Paris, where I’d arranged to meet up Lucy Stewart for a drink. Very impressive offices, as is only to be expected in the 8eme, but most folks had headed home by the time we pitched up at 6.30.

I don’t think we were very vibrant company, and when we got back to the hotel c.8pm we both crashed out sleeping right through to 11pm. Thank heavens for France’s relaxed approach to late night dining – we dined in a local brasserie, still going strong when we left at midnight. Not too busy, or smoky (unusual for France), just right.