Dinedor Weekend with Barney

Arrived in Hereford safe and sound on Friday evening, and the train trip was a breeze (phew). Jo’d bought Barney a treat for the train which turned out to be a 10 colour biro – one of those where you click between colours/nibs. v impressed (both of us).

I do have a cold though – which explains the sleepiness, and the “hair in my throat” feeling. Barney and I have blowing noses in unison.

We spent the morning in Hereford – much of it in the model shop, and dad and Barney put the guards van and truck into service, along with the two stations dad’s been busy building.

And I found one of those magic red wine warmer jacket things that Ruth and Pete had, which I bought for Dad and Jean (v impressed, both).

Dad barbequed in between showers and we watched the small birds munch their way through a whole feeders-worth of sunflower seeds, leaving the shells piling up by the fence.

After Barney’d drifted off to sleep to the sound of story telling, I showed dad how to use Fotopic for photos.loosemore.com, including today’s. He’s very impressed, but claims it’s beyond his ken…. we’ll see.

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  1. Help, I am trying to get a 10 colour biro for my girlfriend as a surprise too. Does anyone know where I can get one from !

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