Viral flu

… is what the Dr tells me has laid me low since Bank Holiday Monday, and kept me in bed on Wednesday and Thursday – the warmest, sunniest days of the year to date.

Still, it was a Godsend to learn that my headaches were being exacerbated by blocked sinuses and other ear/nose/throat passageways, and readily rectified by some decongestant. Within an hour of getting back from the surgery, I was on the mend, and today I’ve been back at work and am off to Em Coombes’ hen night – kicking off at Mar-i-Terra. Got to keep it small scale seeing as Hazel and I are driving up to Helen and Charlie’s tomorrow (MG meet Open Road – vrooom!!!) to be around to help preparations for Sunday BBQ (I just hope that this weather holds), and I’ve got to get up/back to/from TJBR’s to return the car keys and car stereo…

Hair cut first though…. not a major event for many people I know, but a relative rarity for me. Mainly because I don’t like paying London styling prices just for a trim,and also because I’ve still not found a hair dresser I really like. THis evening, I am sampling Hair Yamamoto on Eldon Street.