Offer made and accepted…

… not without significant hyperventialation on my part…. I’d not spotted that Alan’s email on Friday had actually included the fact that someone had made an offer at the asking price, which made the emails he sent yesterday read rather oddly, and it wasn’t until he emailed saying the offerer had been chasing him for my response that I knew that I had an offer. gulp.

Sent an email formally accepting the offer, and headed off to Phil’s on an adrenaline high. It takes things (i.e. selling, buying, moving in together) one stage further, which makes things all the much more real…. especially as getting my flat on the market and having all the viewings has mainly taken place whilst Phil’s been away in the States. But we had a lovely evening last night, which reminds me that all the stress (and it’s been remarkably stress free so far!) is worthwhile.

James from Curzon Wilson made me laugh when he asked if I actually lived in my flat, as it was always so spectacularly neat and tidy!