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I’ve been buried in OU Project Management M865 studies and working on the first assignment for what feels like an age. But, TMA 1 is done (all be the inevitable editing to get closer to the word limit – sigh) and I’ve decided that I need to have something Good on the horizon to keep me motivated. The Barbican flat buying looks like it’s going to take an absolute age, if indeed it comes to fruition (I’m keeping my head in the sand on that one a bit I fear), so that leaves the good old standby of holidays…..

So, I’ve dug out my bumf from plannings past, primed Hazel and we’re going to be looking at trips to China and the ‘Stans in 2005. The contenders are:

  • Something from Silk Road Tours (but – ouch – they’re expensive and maybe a bit too posh for our tastes and pockets)
  • Good old Intrepid Travel …. except that they aren’t running the *ideal* trip (Ancient Road of the Traders) in 2005 🙁 which leaves either China or Uzbekistan
  • Far Frontiers – again, expensive
  • Adventure Bound – aka The Imaginative Traveller … hmm and it looks like they only do Uzbekistan or Mongolia out of Central Asia. Although Jewel of the Silk Road looks interesting…
  • World Expeditions, another Aussie outfit, so that could be a good sign
  • CTS Horizons
  • China Holidays – but their Silk Road tour is only 9 days

Oooooooh – I think I’ve found it: Silk Road to Samarkand via Kashgar

… but still e.x.p.e.n.s.i.v.e and looking at the brief itinerary, there’s travel almost everyday, so maybe not so much time actually *in* places …. hmmm:

Day 1 Join Beijing
Day 2/3 Visit Forbidden City and Great Wall
Day 4/6 Overnight train to Xian, visit terracotta warriors
Day 7/10 Overnight train to Lanzhou, drive to Xiahe, visit Labrang Monastery
Day 11/12 Train to Jiayuguan and western extremity of Great Wall
Day 13 Drive to Dunhuang and Buddhist grottos
Day 14/15 Train to oasis town of Turpan
Day 16 Drive to Urumqi
Day 17/18 Day trip to Tian Shan Mountains, evening flight to Kashgar
Day 18 In Kashgar, visit Sunday market
Day 19 Drive to Naryn via Torugart Pass
Day 20 Drive to Bishkek
Day 21 In Bishkek
Day 22 Fly to Urgench, drive to Khiva
Day 23 In Khiva
Day 24 Transfer to Bukhara
Day 25 In Bukhara
Day 26 To Samarkand
Day 27 In Samarkand
Day 28 To Tashkent
Day 29 In Tashkent, trip concludes.

One thought on “Travels ahoy…”

  1. hello mary,
    would send you an email but daren’t at present as although we have the proper phone again (perhaps you could tell phil ?) I haven’t finished getting the 934 emails and picking out the 34 or so that are worth reading.

    Anyway, just to say that Liz Morton, who is organising the Derbyshire celebration of Roger’s retirement next month, ‘did’ the Silk Road a few years ago so might be helpful, though I think she sort of ad libbed it. Phil will probably have her email address, or if not I will send it you when I am up and running.

    It sounds a great plan anyway.

    All the best

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