Happy Birthday Cat!

Hazel and I have just returned weary and wan from an excellent weekend in Leeds/Saltaire, celebrating Cat’s 30th birthday.

We spent a very pleasant Saturday avoiding the rain, mooching around Saltaire, built by philanthropist Titus Salt, and the eponymous Salt’s Mill complex, now converted into a fine collection of eateries and shops.

The main event on Saturday was Cat’s Big Night Out, and after a celebratory glass of champagne, we took the train into Leeds to meet up with the rest of the birthday party people at the Cactus Lounge, and from there moved next door for drinks at the Wardrobe, and thence (oh how the mighty are fallen) to the Walkabout where we were outshone by the Pink Ladies hen party on the dance floor, and almost everyone else on the drinking front.

Sunday was a decidedly more relaxed affair, with tea and toast and telly taking us gently through the morning, before we went round to Cat’s parents for a fantastic Birthday BBQ – despite the rain!

Back to London on the train, in a speedy 2 1/2 hours.