We’re in!

We got the keys on Saturday, and slept over on the double airbed Saturday and Sunday nights. It all felt a bit weird and unreal, like it’s not really ours.

The red walls are taking rather longer than expected to paint over – 3 coats to date, and you can still see the white border…. and I doubt that either of us will voluntarily prepare walls using sugar soap ever again either.

We had removals from Hackney-to Barbican yesterday. All I can say is it’s a huge relief to have that all behind us, even if the flat’s now looking like a FedEx depot – boxes, boxes everywhere!!

TJBR were our first visitors, bringing with them a Sunday afternoon tea kit, including kettle and cake!

Hazel came round last night with a bottle of vino, and I had to confess to not being able to locate the corkscrews. Good job Phil had his penknife to hand….