Allison and Huw around the world

Another of the things my dad fails to tell me!!

I knew that Huw and Allison David were travelling around the world on their bikes, but I didn’t know they had a website – nay “blog” – which they update with diary entries and photos…. Mary Ruth told me about it today, so I’ve got a couple of months of catching up (and envying) to do.

Whilst I envy their 2 year trip, but not so sure about doing it all on bikes (give or take a RTW air ticket) ….

One thought on “Allison and Huw around the world”

  1. Hello Mary!
    Found this by accident whilst trying (and failing)to access our own site!
    Yup! We are having a ball. Have been in Vietnam for 5 weeks now and have just done a load of diving – fabulous!
    Our web site is
    Your Dad didn’t tell us you were in India around the same time as you were either!! Not that we were near each other!
    Hope all is well with you and yours,
    love Huw and Allison xx

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