Home sweet home

After the tortuous return flight from Kathmandu (the killer stage being the 6 hour stop over in Abu Dhabi – home of the world’s most uncomfortable airport seating – from 9.40pm to 3.30am), it’s been a nice but weird day back in London. Phil met me at LHR, which was really really lovely, and once back in the Barbican and after unpacking and starting the washing marathon we headed over to Warwick Avenue for a very tasty lunch at the Prince Albert Pub and Formosa Dining Room, organised by Tom Coates.

Time for a bit of a veg session now catching up on all the telly Phil’s videoed in my absence (USA-tastic: The OC! The West Wing! Desperate Housewives!). Then I’ll think about getting my stuff together for day 1 at Norton Rose…… Sorting holiday pics will have to wait a while.

(In the end, I didn’t do anything with my photos (a task for this weekend methinks), but I did manage to stay awake all the way through to midnight, largely thanks to C4’s “100 greatest pop videos”….. )

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  1. Welcome back Mary. Did you have time to meditate deeply on leaving Simmons and decide to come back?

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