Richard Herring’s ‘The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace’ – Go See!!

Phil and I went to see Richard Herring‘s one man show The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace last night, and the £4.60 (ouch) return tube fare to Hammersmith was worth every penny.

It was a last minute decision, and I’m v glad that we decided to stir our stumps and head west to the Riverside Studios. Not only did we get to enjoy a very funny show, but we had plenty of time for a tasty meal beforehand, courtesy of the very fine Riverside Cafe/Bar. We almost ran out of time for dessert though, which would have been the second time that particular ill-deserved, non-dessert disaster would have befallen us at the Cafe/Bar….. Top tip: order pud well in advance of when you think you’ll want it!

But back to the main attraction – Richard Herring, and his twelve tasks….

Phil introduced me to Warming Up a while back, so some of the material in the show was familiar. But seeing the writer in action and delivering their own work changes everything. For starters, I’d thought RH was rather taller than he is (Sorry!), and as he recounted the background to his taking on Hercules Terrace, and the Twelve Tasks, the self-depreciating humour of Warming Up became tinged with the sadness of reality: the tasks were a means of working through a period of depression, not some juvenile jolly jape.

Go see it, and discover the joys of CNPS – there’s another whole sub-culture out there, just *waiting* to be discovered…..

February 8th – 20th February 2005 (not 14th) at 9pm
(except 13th and 20th Feb at 5.45pm, 11th and 19th Feb at 7.30pm)
Riverside Studios, Crisp Road, Hammersmith.
Box Office telephone: +44 (0)20 8237 1111

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