Reminiscing about my nan

There’s been a thread on Haddock today about not missing the chance to talk to your grandparents about their lives while they are still alive, and taping these conversations to capture that family history for posterity.

It reminded me of the tape that my dad sent out to me in the US when Hazel and I were on our round the world travels of a recording my mum had made at a family do back in the 80s when we tried to get her mum, Nana Helen, to reminisce (sp) about her life. It wasn’t particularly successful on the family-history-as-told-by-nan front because she felt too self-conscious about talking near the tape recorder with everyone around, but it brilliantly captures a Print-Trumper-Tapp family afternoon of chaos at Uncle Norman’s. That alone got me welling up when I first heard the tape again, and thinking about it now, out of the family that were there then and whose voices the tape holds all the grandparents and half the parents have since died.

It also got the thinking, that the next time the family gathers at dad and Jean‘s we should direct Barney and Rosa‘s regular demands to “Tell me about naughtly things you/daddy did when you were young” onto the older generation…..

… and I’d like to think that when we are ‘the older generation’, the youngsters will be able to mooch around here to see what was happeing in my life, and what I was like/doing/feeling from my mid-30s on.