Weekend at Clapham Junction and Forty Acres

Taking advantage of the loan of the TJBR-mobile while they sun themselves somewhere in Spain, Phil and I finally managed to rid ourselves of the bags and boxes of bedding and bric-a-brac that have been sitting on all three floors of our flat since we moved in. I drove it down to CJ, where H helped me to distribute it around the local charity shops – not many of those in EC2Y. That done, we mooched around the shops, had a late lunch at the ever excellent Banana Leaf Canteen and then spent the rest of the cloudy and rainy afternoon lolling around on the sofas watching rubbish films – notably Van Helsing. Not even Hugh Jackman could save that one.

Phil rendezvoused with me at 71C, and from there we drove west towards the setting sun and the wilds of Herefordshire. It was a really lovely, easy drive – hardly any traffic and it was daylight almost all the way. Crumpets then bed.

Sunday was spent relaxing with yesterday’s papers, cleaning the TJBR-car inside and out followed by a leisurely stroll to Kerry’s Gate and back and more reading until dad and Jean arrived for BBQed sausages and new potatoes in the conservatory. Lovely.

I’d taken Monday off work, and so relished every minute, until we had to come home 🙁 Lunch at Galanthus was as every bit as good as dad and Jean had said it would be.