Y – a – l – t – a we’re booked!

I’ve finally managed to book Hazel and I onto a week’s holiday in Yalta, with Voyage Jules Verne. We’ve not been away with them before, but their package seems an OK deal, and they have a charter flight to Simferopol, wheras scheduled flights only get you to Kiev/Kyiv. The Crimea isn’t everyone’s top destination, but the area looks really interesting, and Yalta seems very geared up for tourists. We opted to treat ourselves to a stay at the Hotel Bristol, rather than the vast soviet-era Hotel Yalta.

We’ll need tourist visas, and VJV charge £65 all in to get one for you. The Ukrainian embassy website gives visa costs as being £40 (£20 single entry tourist visa fee plus – get this – £20 visa processing fee). The Embassy is in Notting Hill, open Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 12noon and application requires invitations and other stuff…. so H and I agreed that it was worth paying VJV the additional £25 to do it for us.

I found this handy website with LOTS of info about Yalta and the Crimea, and includes Hotel Bristol.

We fly in 8 weeks!

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  1. Ahh Simferopol, Yalta and the Crimea!! If you get bored of Yalta (and you probably will) then head on up back to Simferopol and be daring and jump onto a plane to Sochi, cross the sea in a rickety twin engine plane and enjoy!! Ten years ago the pilots were still allowed to bring on their own supply of Vodka! Two bottles each I recall. Scary yes, but sooo exciting!! And I lived to tell the tale! 😉

    PS: Sochi isn’t that exciting either, well until you meet a couple of veterans, then it all takes on a life of it’s own…

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