Blissfully lazy day

It feels as though I’ve been on the go every day for the past few weeks * (well, since H and I returned from Yalta at any rate, which was at the start of October) but today Phil and I had set aside for a mammoth vid & veg session. The extra hour from the clocks changing was an unexpected bonus, and meant that we could have a lie in and still watch all of the accumulated episodes of The Sopranos series 1 (from More Four), and a couple of The West Wing series 5 (playing catch up on a whole series there….), and the repeat of this week’s episode of Lost on E4.


* Here’s my diary for the month to date:
Sat 01 Oct – Yalta last day and flight back to Stansted
Sun 02 Oct – Tea’s 2nd birthday party, Harrods Terrace Bar, Harrods, London
Mon 03 Oct – Ways into Anthropology, The City Lit, nr Holborn, London
Tues 04 Oct – [Worked late]
Weds 05 Oct – [Worked late]
Thurs 06 Oct – HTML for Beginners
Fri 07 Oct – Stewart Lee at the Soho Theatre, Soho, London
Sat 08 Oct –
Sun 09 Oct – Paul and Kamjit’s Sunday Brunch Bunch, The Design Museum caf