Last minute Port Stanley planning

I’ve been keeping an eye on BBC Weather to see what sort of weather to expect in the Falklands, in order to decide what clothes to take.

Today’s forecast looks like this:

Picture 4.png

So, whilst we may be spending Christmas and New Year in the southern hemisphere, I don’t think we’ll be seeing many barbies on the beaches…..

One thought on “Last minute Port Stanley planning”

  1. Apparently there’s an iceberg about 16 miles off the coast (which is kind of cool given that we’re at the same latitude south as London is north) bringing us unseasonal coldity. Look out for it from the plane, not sure which direction it’s in!!
    Only consolation is that in reality all 5 of those symbols usually take place in the space of an hour so you’ll probably get a little bit of everything!
    See you soon…

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