Loosemore locations in 1881 and 1998

I’ve finally got around to looking at the www.spatial-literacy.org website mentioned in last weekend’s Observer article on Placing Surnames.

No surprises on the Loosemore front, (well, not for those of with the benefit Uncle Vic’s and Major Ronald’s combined research) – the 1881 map shows that we’re just starting to move away from North Devon, with families clustered around Cardiff and Bournemouth. By 1998, which is the other year for which this UCL project has mapped data, we’re more widespread, with the 1998 map showing us in the north and east.

I couldn’t find 1998 Gyfords or Vezeys though, which I found a bit odd especially as both had data from 1881 – 1881 Gyford Map, 1881 Vezey map.

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